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Last week I shared some of the info I learned about SEO (search engine optimization) from a blogging conference I went to last month. Today I have another little SEO tidbit for you, and I like to call it:

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

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We all agree that images in blog posts are good, right? Right. No one wants to read big blocks of copy without any rest for their eyes, at least not in blog posts, anyway! So, having good images makes your readers happy. Well, having good images can also help with SEO. If you do it right, that is!

Google images is pretty cool, huh? Wouldn't you love to have your picture of your homemade pumpkin bread show up when someone Googles "pumpking bread"? I would too, if I made pumpkin bread, which I don't. You don't want me to, believe me! Well, how does Google know you have a pumpkin bread photo and accompanying recipe? A large part of it is in how you name your image files. Let me explain it this way: has anyone ever searched for "img94739.jpg" when they we're really looking for pumpkin bread? No, of course not! Well, how do you suppose your photo is going to show up in the search results for pumpkin bread if it's named something like img94739.jpg? The answer is, it won't.

How do you fix this? Well, how about something as simple as change the name of your photo before you upload it? Something as straightforward as pumpkin-bread-recipe.jpg would do the trick! That way your photo has at least a fighting chance of being recognized for what it is!

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