ARC Review: The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

I would think if you're messing around with time and people's lives wouldn't that end up causing a ripple effect and eventually change the future? The book really centers around that fact as Prenna tries to figure out what her community is doing in the past and how the world came to be the way it was before she left. I'm just very lost about how the book ended. Wouldn't there have been ripples that would have caught up to them? Did anything really change? What was the point of all the running around if nothing changed?

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The romance in the book isn't too heavy and is more cute then anything. I couldn't help but like Ethan and his love for Prenna. I actually liked Ethan as a character more than Prenna. Prenna was a bit flat, but that might just be a result of being taught to hide and not stand out at all in order to not cause any problems with the timeline. Even when she comes into her own, she's still a fairly bland character. Ethan on the other hand is full of life. He's more of a live life to the fullest kind of person.

The entire book was building up to something huge happening that could change everything that happens in the future. When I got to that point it just wasn't nearly as exciting as the book was hinting toward. Sure it was more exciting then what was going on before that, but not really all that much more. Then the book just kind of ends and I was left confused with all time stuff.

I liked the beginning and I just wish the ending lived up to all the build up and hype from the beginning. The premise of the book was interesting, but the book ending up leaving me hoping for a bit more.

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