I started beading many years ago.

I used to buy few pieces of different kinds bead jewelry, depending on my mood and needs, then I'd just make a necklace or pair of earrings to match I'm wearing that day. Later on, I realized that it's much cheaper to buy beading supplies in bulk and just set them aside until such that that I'd have a whole day to do nothing but bead or glass jewelry. Now, I have so many accessories, most of which I have sold to friends and relatives, and some more to strangers who chance upon my online shop.

Its a very fulfilling hobby, and profitable too. So if you are on a venture to start your beading hobby, let me share with you seven basic things that you need to know.This is pretty much how I started and I hope it'll help you with your beading too:

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1. Look for a nice pendant.

In making necklaces, looking for the right pendant is the most crucial part because pendants are the ones that will highlight your necklace and attract attention to people who see you wearing it. What you do is look for unusually shaped pendants, those with unique design and color if possible. Look for those that have already been wire wrapped or have a loop so you can easily slide your string or chain inside. For pendants, you can use those made of semi-precious stones like amethysts and quartz, or those made of glass beads. They tend to attract more attention because they sparkle under the light and shimmer with different colors

2. Matching the rest of the beads with the pendant.

Now that you have already chosen your pendant, you can then look for other smaller beads that will match with it's color and shape. Sometimes, they don't even have to be so much alike. If they look pleasing to your eyes, then that's a clue for you to go ahead with the design you have in mind.

3. Let is shine and sparkle.

It is not enough to only have the beads and pendants. If you are not using glass beads for the entire necklace, it is essential to have something in there that sparkles. You can add swarovsky crystals and scatter it throughout the length of your necklace. These crystals do not only make your jewelry sparkle but they add value too especially if you plan to sell your piece later on.

4. Add spacers for bling.

Adding silver and gold spacers in between the crystals and the beads add more drama and elegance to your bead jewelry. Just be ready to clean it every now and then so it won't tarnish.

5. Bead Supplies you will need.

Here are the tools and bead supplies you will need to put everything together. This shouldn't take you more than an hour. Thread, Wire or Stretch Cord 2 Crimp beads (one for each end) small pair of scissors Large lobster clasp with matching jump ring 2 Flat Nosed Pliers

6. Put them all together.

Wire: Commence with the wire and measure it up to the length you want. Use a beading board for easy measuring. Cut the wire to desired length. Fasten the end: Put the jump ring and crimp bead towards the end of the wire. This will prevent the beads from slipping. String the beads: Stringing the beads using wire. Use the kind of pattern you desire, like 6 beads, 1 gold spacer, 2 crystal, and so on and so forth.and keep repeating. Add the pendant: When you reach the middle part of the necklace, slide the pendant onto the wire. Even it out: Do the other side like the way you did the first half of the necklace. Fasten the end: Put the crimp bead and the lobster clasp to close it.

7. Wear your creation.

This is my favorite part. You now get to wear what you just created. See if it feels comfortable enough. You will know that you made a very good piece when it helps highlight your entire outfit and feels natural too. When your friends see and like it, you can then tell them that you can create something similar for them at a very affordable price. By doing this, you will have started the steps you need to make to start your small beading business. But that's another story.

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