Sony's PlayStation 4

This console promises an awful lot to an already loyal fan base. What could Sony possibly have done to improve on it's previous generation of consoles? Well, I'm here to tell you all about that.

To start, the console is slated to hit store shelves with an impressive line-up of games. Over 180 games are currently in development and a large collection will be available on day one! I'm sure many of you have been disappointed when you've gone out and bought the next big thing and then finding little content. Thankfully, that won't be an issue here!

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The PS4 has been developed around a custom processing chip. With 8 cores this thing runs blazing fast, coupled with a boundary-shattering graphics chip the PS4 will have no issue creating breathtaking scenes. Developers will be free to push the next generation just a little further than it would have gone on it's own. Be prepared to question whether what you see is really just a computer generated image.

The controller has also undergone several improvements. It still utilizes the basic buttons we have loved since the original PlayStation, however, there is now a touchpad at the top of the controller. This promises to bring a whole new level of immersion into the games we play. Also making it's debut appearance is the share button. With this you can stream videos on the fly. Great for anyone who loves to share their game experiences with others!

Big-name video services will also be available. Included in these will be Redbox and Netflix. When you decide it's time for a break from saving the world you can open a dedicated app and start watching your favorite programs, all from one console!

Because so many of us don't want to stand in line to purchase the next big game, Sony is bringing PlayStation Plus to the PS4. The experience has been enhanced since the previous versions. You will still find an ever-expanding library of great titles. You will also be connected with gamers with similar tastes. No more searching for a dedicated group of gamers, you can find them with a push of a button!

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